UK Tights – The Magnificent Trasparenze Factory!

July 19, 2021 Off By admin

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Not your usual UK Tights video, that’s for sure!

This video tours the Trasparenze factory in Mantua, Lombardy. Northern Italy is famed for it’s fantastic manufacturing history, and Trasparenze carries on that tradition.

So, for fans of the Italian designer, and for fans of UK Tights, we have put together a video tour of our own factory inspection. It’s a fantastic piece that I was very pleased with upon completion, although the music seems to be the same as the wedding scene in The Godfather!

Our trip involved more than just this tour, though. I wrote a magnificent post about what happened over the few days we were there.

So, if you like reading about missed flights, mass ice cream consumption and the desecration of Italian artwork, follow these links.

UK Tights in Italy, Part I –

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Hey, Part I and Part II, just like The Godfather, again!