Styling: Garter Leggings

Styling: Garter Leggings

April 20, 2021 Off By admin

Hey there!

For my first ever styling video, I decided to do something that I haven’t seen too many videos of. Garter leggings are super edgy and cool and can be worn by girls with a conservative style or girls with a more fun/risk-taking style.
I hope my outfits give you some inspiration on styling your own garter leggings.
I gotta say, I get tons of compliments every time I wear mine.

Oh and if you noticed, I didn’t post in the video where I got my garter leggings. I actually made my own via a diy tutorial from boatpeople.

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I purchased all of these clothing items with my own money including the accessories/jewelry from Alba’s Accessories. Alba’s Accessories is my mom’s company and can be found at I do not own the rights to “Wild” by Royal Teeth, I am just a huge fan of their music.