Snag Tights Review

June 11, 2021 Off By admin

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Hello hello!

Checkout my Snag Tights Review!
These tights were so much fun to wear and play with, so I encourage all my vintage and historybounding lovers to take advantage of these gorgeous colors and sizes!

Link to the Vintage Demo:


I’m 5’2, and around a 10/12, so I got the Snag Tights in Size D-
-Sheer Pantyhose- “Black”
-Opaque Tights- “Hit the Bottle Green”
-Opaque Tights- “Beach Bum”
-Opaque Tights- “Colonel Mustard”
-Opaque Tights- “Raspberry Pie”
-Chub Rub Shorts- “Seahorse”

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