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SHIRT STAYS/GARTER FOR MEN IN BANGLADESH | How to Wear | Easy Shopping BD _________________________________________________________________________________
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ZED by Easy Shopping BD is the first fashion brand in Bangladesh to introduce shirt stays or shirt garter for men in Bangladesh. It’s one thing every style or fashion concern men should own. Since its introduction the research and development team of ZED by Easy Shopping BD is working continuously to perfect the build quality of shirt stays.

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If you’re a bank job holder or hold an important position in a multi-national company wearing formal attire is a must for you. Or atleast you must need to tuck in your shirt all day long. The common frustration of tuck in your shirt all day is it doesn’t stays inside your pant the way you want. And here our shirt stays/garter can be a huge help to you. Our shirt garter will help you tuck in your shirt all day long.

** Evolution history of Shirt Garter or Shirt Stays: Order Below

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ZED by Easy Shopping BD is continuously working to improve the quality of the Shirt Stays. While working on innovating different product line we also work to improve the quality of our existing product line. The different part of shirt stays is sourced from different part of the world. We are currently sourcing the elastics from India & China, The leather part is coming from Bangladesh and the integral part of the shirt stays (The Hooks) are sourced from Germany.

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In this video we demonstrated how to wear shirt stays/ shirt garter in a perfect way. You will learn to wear the shirt stays very easily after watching this video. The retail price of per pair shirt stays in: 850 BDT. To order you can also call us at: 01973549549 or 01789100066

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