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This video shows a few styles and fashion of our garter belts selection as well as buyer shows.

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Our stocking belts are superior in quality and reasonable in prices and are suitable for all ages of women, who probably wear in such social situations as parties, evening clubs and wedding ceremonies.

Lycra is used as the main materials of our garter belt stockings, with various decorated rings like sweetheart circle rings. More importantly, the sizes of our garter sets could be adjustable to fit your body. We offer fashion design of packing, and our packing is durable so as to avoid damages during long-distance shipment.

We offer a wide selection of Harajuku styles of stocking leggings with unique hand-made workmanship, customization are welcome on condition that details, sizes and images are given.

Thank you for watching this video, if you have passion for purchasing these items, please go and visit our website at If you have any inquiries, please leave messages in our online shopping store , and we are also constructing our own online website and you also can go, visit and buy our leg rings directly on line at

We are planning to make a few videos about the appearance of garter belts that our buyers wear and the wearing procedures and other styles of our garter belts.

if you are a distributor and buy some quantities of these fashion garters, we can have further negotiation with regard to the discounts, logistics and the long-term relations.

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