How I style: Footless Tights For Fall and Winter FEAT. Katie | RoseyCheeks07

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Outfit #1 –
Red shirt: Kmart
Coat: Opshop
Tights: Kmart
Boots: Opshop
Hat: Dangerfield

Outfit #2 –
Jumper: Opshop
Tights: Kmart
Socks: ANYWHERE that sells socks 🙂
Boots: Williams Shoe Store
Scarf: Small boutique near my house.
Jewellery –
Bracelet: Diva
Earrings: Diva

Outfit #3 –
Jacket: A brand called CKM, I got it at a shop in QLD.
Tights: A little stall in the city, easy to get from anywhere really 🙂
Boots: Kmart
Jewellery –
Necklace: A present
Earrings: Kmart

Outfit #4 –
Tshirt: From a concert but can be purchased on the bands website 🙂
Flannelette shirt: Gift to my brother and then to me.
Cardigan: Opshop
Tights: Kmart
Shoes: Opshop
Jewellery –
Earrings: Prouds

Makeup –
Lipstick: Rimmel “Kate” no.4

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