Fair Isle Knitting for Beginners | Easy Method to Knit with 2 Colours | A Slow Step-by-Step Tutorial

August 30, 2021 Off By admin

This video is a slow walk-through of a simplified version of knitting Fair Isle, which is perfect for beginners who really want to make Fair Isle patterns as soon as possible!

To knit Fair Isle this way, you don’t need to learn both the Continental and English knitting styles, and you also don’t need circular needles; only straight needles.
I have seen this method referred to as the ‘one hand method’ before, and it’s called that because only one knitting style is being used (English), rather than each hand using a different knitting style.

I will demonstrate a very simple repeating pattern in red and white yarn, and it will be knit flat rather than ‘in the round’.

I start with 60 stitches and first give an introduction to the Fair Isle technique, before going slowly through 2 rows (1 knit row and 1 purl row) of the design.
I’ll explain how to change yarn colour, how to keep the ‘floats’ from getting too long, as well as give a few tips along the way.

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