3 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Chaffing (CHUB RUB)

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Easy remedies to TREAT CHAFFED SKIN(inner thigh, underarm) at home. Learn natural prevention for CHUB RUB.

Chafing is a skin irritation condition which causes redness and burning sensation, due to constant rubbing of the skin against own skin or clothing. It occurs in the regions like underarms, thighs and groin area. Chafing results in sores in these regions which might be very uncomfortable and painful.
Sweating and rubbing are two main causes of skin chafing & inner thigh chafing(chub rub). This condition is prevalent in exercise enthusiasts due to excessive sweating.

* Causes chafing skin:-

1) Obesity: where the accumulation of fat causes constant friction by rubbing of skin especially the thigh regions. This causes inner thigh chafing.
2) Certain forms of exercise which cause friction of skin against skin or clothes.
3) Excessive sweating that leads to inflammation and rashes.
4) Tight fitting clothes or wet clothes that cling to the body.
5) Wearing synthetic clothes as opposed to cotton clothes which are more comfortable.

Wet skin is the main cause of chafing but very dry skin can also cause this problem. Therefore it is important to keep the skin sufficiently moisturized. Applying talcum powder to areas like under arms, inner thighs that get sweatier can be helpful. Wearing loose comfortable clothes can also prevent chafing. Additionally chemical irritants and detergents used for laundry might also be possible causes of underarm chafing.

One of the most prevalant forms of rhis is thigh chafing which propagates rashes in inner thighs. If you have experienced this problem, you understand the pain and discomfort associated with inner thigh chafing. Don’t worry we will discuss natural ways to stop and prevent chub rub. The best tips to prevent inner thigh chafing or chub rub would be to stay dry, lubricate the skin in regular intervals and dress right. You should avoid clothes that soaks moisture from your skin and makes it dry. As discussed earlier the dry skin is prone to chob rob.

You can stop skin chafing with natural home remedies. Feel free to learn best home remedies for skin chafing like – chub rub, inner thigh chafing and underarm chafing:

Remedy 1:
Take 3 tsp turmeric powder, add 1 tsp water. Mix this well to make paste and apply this paste on the chaffed skin. Cover this with a cloth and leave it for 30 min before washing.

Remedy 2:
Crush a handful of margosa leaves, squeeze ½ a lemon, mix this well to from a paste and apply it on the chaffed skin. Let it dry for some time after wash afterwards.

Remedy 3:
Take a cotton ball in water and then sprinkle a few drops of tea tree oil on this cotton. Now gently press the cotton ball on the chaffed skin. Repeat this process daily until the entire chafed area is cured

You will be happy to know that all the 3 home remedies works brilliantly to stop thigh chafing, chubbed rub and any other chaffed skin. Hope you feel better soon!

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