Buying the Perfect Pair of Tights


Tights are basically a type of textile garment, usually sheathed the legs with a bulky tight fit, thus the name. They also come in sheer, opaque, fishnet and sheer styles – or a mixture, including the classic concept of the American word pantyhose, which means pantyhose with tight legs. Tights are worn for a variety of reasons and are worn by many people of all ages, from children to older adults.

Some tights have become so popular that they are now sold in most high street stores. Tights are mainly worn as footwear. Some people wear them under their shirts to keep them warm during colder months. Others wear them under their trousers for extra warmth.

They can be made from any material. Most common tights used today are made from nylon, but new varieties are continually appearing. Nylon can be combined with cotton and silk, making them even more luxurious. Silk is used less frequently, due to its price, but some manufacturers have started using silk mixed with synthetic fibers to create more lightweight tights. They are generally thinner and cheaper than tights made from other fabrics, such as wool.

Tights are not worn solely as foot wears; they can also be worn under jeans to give extra warmth. Some people have even started using tights as undergarments. The undergarment version of tights is called leggings and can be worn with the same tights as above.

Many people choose tights for utilitarian reasons. These tights are used as protection against cold, or to stop excessive perspiration. They will be of a thinner, transparent fabric that will show any sweat. They will be fairly insubstantial in weight, often no more than a pair of socks.

Tights have been worn for centuries, though their use has become somewhat commercialized in recent years. In some countries, tights are considered a form of folk art. In other countries they are just worn for practical reasons. They are not considered trendy, and many people still think of them as being utilitarian. They are typically thinner than socks, with no elastic around the ankle.

Tights are available in several styles. Boxer tights look like regular socks, but are actually stretchy material that goes to the ankle. Long sleeve tights fit snugly around the leg, while short sleeves are more loosely fit. They can be knee-length, tea-length, ankle-length, cap-length, or longer. Tights can be worn with almost any type of clothing, although they look best with pants or jeans.

Tights can be machine or hand washed in cold water. To remove wrinkles from the fabric, do not wring them. Gently blot the tights with a dry cloth, rather than rubbing. You can use your foot and finger to roll the tights off your legs if necessary. When washing tights in a machine, set the machine to delicate cycle without using any shampoo or soap. Always put on tight shoes to avoid getting the legs and feet wet.

Don’t wear tights when exercising outdoors. Tights constrict the circulation, causing tired, cold feet. When working out, tights should only be worn underneath pants or shorts. It is also not advisable to wear long tights while swimming.

Buy tights that match your socks. If you have a patterned sock, it’s unlikely that you will get a contrasting color for tights. The same is true if you buy tights in the contrasting color scheme of a pair of white socks. Also, avoid tights in thick wool. If the garment is made of wool, the thicker the wool the better.

Before wearing a pair of tights, test them out on a small section of your skin first. This way, if they irritate your skin, you can return them for another selection. Don’t wear them overnight. Although many people believe that tights keep you warm at night, they do not insulate your body like the socks do. Instead, the feet remain very cold due to the heat escaping through the top layer of the skin.

Keep in mind that you are wearing tights to protect your feet. If you are wearing ill-fitting tights, the skin may become raw and the chances of an infection increase. If this happens, you will run the risk of a serious medical problem down the line. So remember to buy tights with an extra purpose. They should serve one purpose and not two. This way you will be able to keep both your feet and your health in as good a condition as possible.