Lance Corporal William Fyffe was born in Dundee on the 3rd August 1886 and died in Mallaig on the 13th January 1971. His ashes were scattered on the hillside overlooking the sea by his niece, Ann Steele. This event was reported in the local newspaper as he was a local personality. Fyffe worked as an illustrator for D. C. Thompson & Company Limited, printers and publishers of Dundee, almost until the time of his death. He produced many outstanding illustrations including covers for the Irish Cyclist and Motor-Cyclist magazine and illustrations for booklets promoting Sandersons products printed by A. J. Wilson & Company Limited, 154 Clerkenwell Road, EC1. Fyffe also did illustrations for many books including “Billy and Beryl in Chinatown” by Thomas Burke, published by George G. Harrap & Company Limited.

            Very little is known of Fyffe’s military career other than the record that he left in a wonderful sketch book full of his observations in what must have been his training period in a Scottish Field Artillery unit. I was told by a relative that Fyffe had a nasty accident that removed one of his fingers. Perhaps this made him unacceptable for any further military duties as he seems to have been invalided out of the Army according to the National Ration Book dated 2nd November 1918 that is in my possession.

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